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Earth Sciences History - Back Issues



Back Issues of EARTH SCIENCES HISTORY available.

All back issues of ESH are available in digital form through Allen Press. Paper copies of the journal older than five years are available for the cost of $5 an issue plus shipping. More recent copies are available at subscribers' rates: for example, $25 per issue for an individual ($50 for the year), or $40 per issue for an institution ($80 for the year). 

--For recent years, please contact the editor.

--For the years 2005, 2006, and 2007 please write to Dr. Patrick Wyse Jackson at WYSJCKNP@tcd.ie

--For the years 1982 through 2004 please write to Dr. William Brice at wbrice@pitt.edu

See an inventory of paper copies here (subject to revision).


Online Access at Allen Press

Allen Press hosts the complete journal (including the current volume) online. The HESS website at Allen Press includes a freely searchable contents of all issues. In addition:

  • Individual research articles ($10 each).

  • Editorials, Book Reviews, Interesting Publications and similar items (no charge).

  • The complete run (requires a current HESS membership).