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The Mineralogist. Pub’d by C. Tilt, Fleet St., Jan’y 1830, courtesy University of Oklahoma Libraries, History of Science Collections



(two issues per year)


Joining HESS by submitting payment via our PayPal account is the preferred method, for both print and/or online access, for US and non-US members, and for both individuals and institutions. It is a simple process: first, select the type of ESH subscription you want (see ‘Dues rates’ below). Then email our Subscriptions Manager, Kathy Lohff, at kathylohff@msn.com  (or membership@historyearthscience.org ). Provide her with your name, address, email, and subscription type. She will generate an invoice that she will send to you which is payable by credit card.

Alternatively, you may find it more convenient to pay by mailing a check or money order. If so, contact Kathy Lohff at kathylohff@msn.com and provide her with your name, address, email, and subscription type. She will send you a membership form to return to the Treasurer along with your payment (in US dollars, made out to ‘HESS’, by a check drawn on a US bank, or by an International Money Order).

The Treasurer for HESS is David Spanagel and his address is:

David Spanagel, P.O. Box 70, Lancaster, MA 01523-0070 USA  davidspanagel@comcast.net
(or treasurer@historyearthscience.org )

If you encounter any problems or have questions please contact: kathylohff@msn.com
(or  membership@historyearthscience.org )

Dues rates for 2020 (Vol. 39)

Rates (all in US$) are the same for US and non-US addresses. Rates remain the same as they were for 2019. Memberships are for the calendar year.


  • $55 – print subscription
  • $50 – online subscription*
  • $70 – print + online subscription*
  • $25 – students/economic hardship (online only)**


  • $85 – print subscription
  • $80 – online subscription*
  • $105 – print + online subscription*

* Online access includes full back issue access (back to Volume 1)  for the duration of your subscription (i.e., for new 2020 online subscribers, you will have full archival access; if your subscription lapses in 2021, you will only maintain access to Volume 39 (2020)). You must provide an email address for online access.

** Students must provide verification of student status. Students wanting ESH in print rather than online must pay the full membership rate ($55). Members claiming economic hardship should contact the Treasurer directly at davidspanagel@comcast.net ( or treasurer@historyearthscience.org ) in order to arrange online access to the entire run, and pemanent access to the 2020 issues. The Treasurer will then send an invoice to facilitate payment.